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Welcome to Aaron's Savannahs
If you’re looking for high quality F4 Savannah kitten, you’ve come to the right place. At Aaron Hawkins Savannah catery, we provide beautiful exotic Savannah kittens that are healthy, happy, and well adjusted. Just as we give our cats the personal attention they deserve, we’ll give you the buyer the attention and personal service you’ve come to expect from  a licensed  TICA registered and accredited breeder that is professional and ethical where matching quality Savannahs with quality families is our top priority.  

It is our goal to raise F4 savannah kittens that match the exotic beauty of the wild African Serval and the personable nature of a domestic housecat, and match these loving felines with loving families.  We ship anywhere and hand deliver as well.

If you are curious about Savannahs and their Serval heritage, click here to learn more about this amazing breed and about Aaron's Savannahs. 
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